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Little Toader

Little Toader Pizza

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Three Little Monkeys is proud to present the Little Toader Pizza teething toy. This fun teether is shaped like a tasty slice of pepperoni pizza. This food safe silicone teething toy is free of BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead. The FDA approved pigments are added to the silicon before the molding process so the color will not flake off in your little ones mouth. The Little Toader products do not have holes which prevents the growth of germs.

The Little Toader products look more like food items to allow for greater generalization and less stigma for our children who like to explore the world with their mouth. Each teether has a different shape and texture providing a wide variety of stimulation. The pizza crust, cheese and peperoni all have different textures and provide different sensory feedback. The small eyelet allows for this teether to be attached to clothing with a pacifier attachment. This is not included. 

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