About the Collections

Three Little Monkeys Collections

At Three Little Monkeys we set out to find toys and reinforcers that meet different sensory needs and were just plain fun. Each collection is hand selected and reviewed by our little monkeys to help ensure they not only meet sensory needs but above all are cool. Each of our toys in the catalog will be assigned to at least one sensory profile. Many will be linked to more than one collection as their different attributes are indicated. 

Oral Sensation Collection

The toys in this collection offer different sensation for individuals who explore the world with their mouth. These items are safe products that were designed to go in the mouth. Some of our toys are cross-collection based and provide unique sensory experienced for all sensory profiles.


Tactile Sensation Collection

The products in this collection are selected for the unique way they feel on the hands. Individuals who have tactile preferences for sensory stimulation might enjoy the items in this category. Some of these toys may have cross collections designations. Be sure to explore our other different sensory sensation collections.


Visual Stimulation Collection

The products found in this collection are often enjoyed by those who seek out visual stimulation. These toys might include light up, rotating or other aspects that speaks to this sensory desire.


Auditory Sensation Collection

The items in this sensory profile often contain elements that are preferred by those who enjoy audio stimulation. These toys most often make a sound or can be used to make sounds for the listener to experience.


Our Lil Monkey's Picks

These toys are hand selected by our crazy little monkeys. They cross all sensory profiles and meet different needs but are the top picks in our household.