Monkey Madness

Three Little Monkeys was named for our family's three little monkeys. Our first little monkey is the serious, studious one who likes to cautiously explore his surroundings. He is our Scientific Monkey who wants to understand all aspects of the world around him while having fun.

Our second little monkey is the wild and adventurous one. This Maniac Monkey wants to climb the highest mountain and then hang glide down just to know how it feels.

The littlest monkey is the Baby Monkey who explores his world through infant exploration. Baby Monkey likes to put everything in his mouth and try to imitate what his big brothers do. 

Our Three Little Monkeys are the official toy testers at our shop. Each of the boys seeks different types of toys to meet their different preferences and sensory profiles. Look for their reviews on their favorite products and watch for their new selections as they are added.